Santa Fe University of Art & Design lowers tuition

NewsNM:Swickard - good news that an educational group is looking at the market and reacting to it. From the New Mexico Business Weekly - The Santa Fe University of Art and Design is lowering its tuition. The private school, formerly the College of Santa Fe, said it is lowering tuition in four of its nine programs by $11,000 a year beginning in the spring of 2013, the school said in a news release. The tuition will drop from $28,836 to $17,800 per year in four course areas: graphic design, creative writing, digital arts and arts management. The reduction will be in effect for the 2013-14 school year. Tuition in the school’s five other course areas will not be reduced, but will remain at $28,836 a year, said school spokeswoman Lauren Eichmann. Additionally the school will  eliminate course material fees for all programs beginning spring 2013. Read more


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