AG bows out of same-sex marriage fight

NM Attorney General Gary King
From - by Gabrielle Burkhart - The much anticipated opinion from Attorney General Gary King on same-sex marriage in New Mexico turned out to be no opinion. "The policy of this office generally prohibits us from issuing opinions in cases where the same issue has been raised in court," said King at a press conference Thursday.
     King was asked to weigh in a couple of months ago after Santa Fe city officials claimed same-sex marriage is legal in New Mexico because state marriage law is not gender-specific. They said county clerks should start issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.
     However, King said after legal research by his staff, he cannot say definitely that state law allows same sex marriage. King said he personally supports it, but that the courts or the Legislature must decide the issue. At least one lawsuit is pending. King's no call is a major disappointment for supporters of same sex marriage. They're calling it a delay of justice for gay couples.
     "We cannot state definitively that state law currently permits same sex marriage," said King.  According to Santa Fe City Attorney Geno Zamora, the announcement is a disappointment. "The attorney general had an opportunity to single-handedly end discrimination against our brothers, sisters and children, and didn't," Zamora told KRQE News 13. Read more


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