ABQ Mayor looking into homophobic bus incident

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Albuquerque’s mayor is ordering an official inquiry into a strange incident on an airport shuttle bus involving a driver who ordered a gay couple to sit in the back of the bus. 
The story is getting national attention. The couple’s offense? They were holding hands. Now the two men, from Portland, Oregon, are considering legal action.
 It happened June 28 aboard a Standard Parking shuttle bus at the Sunport. The driver told the Alibi weekly newspaper that he didn’t want women and children to see the couple’s “inappropriate” behavior. 
Mayor Richard Berry says the driver was the one who was inappropriate.
Berry says this does not reflect Albuquerque, New Mexico, and as the mayor he’s upset about it and wants to make sure they get to the bottom of it. 
Standard Parking is a private business working under a vendor contract with the city. The company has issued a public apology to the gay couple. 
The driver has been suspended since early July.



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