Santa Fe bans plastic bags

Santa Fe has become the latest in a growing number of cities to ban plastic grocery bags. 

The ban, which covers carrier bags thinner than 2.25 mils, will take effect in six months. Ron Trujillo was the sole dissenter on the council, which passed the measure by a 7-1 vote. 

 Paper bags, containing 40 percent recycled materials, would still be available, but shoppers would have to pay 10 cents for them. The fee would be waived for people who receive food assistance such as food stamps. 

The ban will not apply to restaurants or food banks, and grocery stores will still be able to supply smaller plastic bags for bulk items such as meat, produce and bakery goods. And they will still be able to sell garbage bags. 

The measure also allows the Environmental Services Division to provide reusable bags to low-income families.



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