Swickard: All we get from our goldmine is the shaft

© 2013 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. Most people in New Mexico care about a lot of things. They have the requisite concern about the endangered species along with a clean and fertile Mother Earth. They signed on to Earth Day when Global Cooling was the concern, and then signed on to the Global Warming alarmists.
     What we know for sure is that the solution to everything from Global Cooling to Global Warming is to put the government in charge and stop doing as much capitalism. America hears loud and clear when the voices of environmentalism shout, “Whatever you do, stop making money to save the planet.”
     Most Americans are unaware that the millions upon millions of dollars wasted in environmental causes come in one form or another from their pockets. Each wolf, owl, lizard and New Mexico jumping mouse takes money from each American, regardless of if we agree to the theft.
     Know this: our nation is a lesser nation because it cannot be energy independent and still comply with all the political agendas. We need not import another drop of oil or gas if we so desire. Take New Mexico for example: it is rich in potential for oil and gas. However, while some of the oil and gas is being harvested, much of that potential is not being used. This is thanks to lots of political action which seeks to shut down oil and gas rather than expand it.
     More so, it is not obvious that if the oil and gas production along with other extractives was to increase significantly New Mexico could match Alaska with a dividend paid to citizens instead of New Mexicans paying state income taxes. We could get a check rather than send a check. Read full column



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