Twitter chatter ranks ABQ as meth capital

From - LBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - There are plenty of bad jokes about Albuquerque’s meth problem, and Breaking Bad likely didn't help. Now, a new study is calling Albuquerque the meth capital of the country based on what people around the country are tweeting about.
     When it comes to sin cities, a new social media study places Albuquerque on the map. According to an analysis posted on the Daily Dot’s website, the Duke City is the capital for meth based on Twitter chatter. “No I don’t think so, I strongly disagree with that,” said Krista Salt. “It’s probably just all about the whole TV show Breaking Bad.”
     Some locals speculate the reason the combination of “meth” and “Albuquerque” is mentioned so often on Twitter, is because of the show’s popularity. The study claims it looked at nearly half-a-million tweets about sex, drugs and alcohol to determine the country’s “vice capitals.”
     According to their data, Denver is pot city, Pittsburgh is known for booze and New Orleans and sex go together. While everyone knows meth is a problem in Albuquerque, is it really the meth capital?
     Albuquerque’s film office said fans of the show know the storyline doesn't glorify meth, but instead highlights the problems associated with the drug. One thing is certain, the show and the topic have spread beyond city limits.
     Albuquerque’s film office insists Breaking Bad has garnered lots of positive response from fans. They fly to Albuquerque from around the world, not to buy meth, but to visit the show’s local locations, like Walter White’s house. More


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