Film - "Cruces Divided" Release Set for October 15th

Cruces Divided is the title of a new film we are hearing about. The film documents the historic rivarly between football programs at Las Cruces High School and Mayfield High School as well as the magnificent community event held each year we simply call Cruces and Mayfield. Film company J & M Productions and Director Charlie Minn are the key players in this project. News New Mexico. Of course, the LCHS versus Mayfield games are no secret to local sports fans. Reminiscent of the Army vs. Navy game wherein half the stadium pulls for one team and the other half pulls fo the other, the game routinely draws a crowd of 25,000+ fans.
In the extraordinary environment of the game, there are roars from the crowd on nearly every play. Momentum swings are common and emotions run high for the entire contest. The game offers citizens in our area some the highest quality entertainment money can buy. The film has Cruces Divided has a trailer that can be downloaded by clicking here: The film website page is


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Charlie Minn would choose to skip over Coach Millers back to back state championship teams (including his first in '99). Starting with the '98 team who beat Mayfield for the district title (who was a heavy favorite and defending state champ), these teams really set the foundation of taking this rivalry to the next level. Before these teams the rivalry mostly stopped at the district championship, especially for LCHS. It was these teams that went on to win state and really solidify the program as a consistent state contender and possible match ups with Mayfield in the playoffs. Two brief clips were shown of the '99 team, and not one clip of the '00 team. Why would you do that?

Anonymous said...

i went too see it and it was cool both teams work hard. But LCHS rocks GO BULLDAWGS. We even got a super fan!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the comment on top, both teams exicute very well but i am personaly a cruces fan, i was at the game and i thought mayfield was going to take the win, but like last year we came back strong in the second half and took the win, 14-9, mayfield tryed, but sorry... NOT THIS YEAR!!! and hopefuly not any other year, at least not for a while=] GO DAWGS!!!!

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