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$34 Million City Hall Building
News New Mexico City Council meeting held on Monday, August 23, 2010 Note: Councilor Pedroza arrived 15 minutes after the meeting began. Presentations and Proclamations:
· The “Pet of the Week” was presented. This was the first time there was a cat as the pet of the week. It was a very calm Tabby.
· Councilor Small recognized Harold Morris, Sr, who is a veteran and one of the enactors at Fort Seldon, and read a proclamation declaring August 28th as “BUFFALO SOLDIERS DAY” this year and on that date in all future years.
· A proclamation was read that declared J Paul Taylor Day as 8/28 in recognition of his contributions to education and the arts.
Public Participation: No member of the public chose to make any comments.
Olga Pedroza
Resolutions and/or Ordinances for Consent Agenda: All items on the consent agenda were approved by a vote of 6/0 (Councilor Pedroza was absent)
Resolutions and Ordinances for discussions
1. Items #3 concerning a Department of Energy clean-energy program known as Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) was discussed. Currently the program has been put on hold at the federal agencies Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae. The council approved by a vote of 7/0 a resolution in support of pending federal legislation (HR5766 &S.3642). Restoration of this program will facilitate the City issuing bonds to provide funding for small scale renewable energy systems.
Sharon Thomas
2. Item #4 concerning the rezoning a parcel between I-25 and Del Rey Blvd to accommodate the construction of a 5 unit assisted living facility was approved by a vote of 7/0. Councilor Thomas expressed a concern that the developer insure there was adequate walking paths for those who required a walker. This facility will provide living for a maximum of 90 residents
There were no Board Appointments or review of any proposed ordinances
Status/Updates on Current Project List
1. The construction on the convention center is scheduled to be completed in October and the months of November and December will be used to correct any deficiencies and install all the amenities. Its grand opening is scheduled for January 2010.
2. The Aquatic Center is operating under a provisional operations permit until such time as final state inspections are completed. General Discussions:
Mayor Miyagishima
Mayor Ken Miyagishima:
· The City of Las Cruces and Governor Richardson have worked together to host a Jobs Expo on Dec 9th at the Pan Am Center.
· He expressed concerns about the heavy traffic near I-10 and University avenue. He wants to know if NMDOT has any plans to improve it? I found this somewhat ironic since the Council previously approved the University Corridor plan which will install stop signs/traffic circles along University and make it a pedestrian friendly corridor and further restrict and negatively impact traffic in the area.
· He also expressed concerns about the traffic issues on Hogan and Alameda. Fixing this problem will require acquisition of private property. Residents continue to oppose any City eminent domain condemnation of their private property. Councilor Silva suggested the City Police regularly provide an officer to direct traffic at that location. Public Works Director Mike Johnson stated a 3-way stop sign at that location would not resolve the problem.
Councilor Thomas, District 6:
· Announced the District 6 meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 25th at 6:30 pm at Good Sam.
· She also announced there will be a transportation summit on Sep 9th at City Hall. It is open to the public but registration is required
Gil Sorg
Councilor Sorg, District 5:
· He announced that there will be an Green Energy Conference on Thursday at the Ramada Palms and encouraged everyone to attend
· He thanked the Public Works staff for their work on Jornada Rd and on lighting issues in his district
· He expressed his appreciation to Police Chief Williams and the PD for resolving a juvenile delinquency issues around Mondale Loop & Elks Club Drive
Councilor Small, District 4:
· He expressed his appreciation to Chief Williams and the PD for actions concerning a park in his district.
· He commended Pro-Ranch Market for taking advantage of “new markets tax credits” to develop their market on El Paseo
· He wants the City to use every tool, resource, and opportunity to help businesses convert to solar energy
Councilor Pedroza, District 3:
· She thanked Montazucco (sp) Market for providing certificates to hand out to people who walk in Young Park with her and announced she was installing solar units on her home.
Dolores Connor
Councilor Connor, District 2:
· She announced the Public Regulatory Commission is in the process of approving a program for El Paso Electric that will enable them to pick up old refrigerators and freezers and provide a rebate of $30 per unit. It should be approved by October.
· She announced the City will celebrate “PATRIOTS DAY” at City on September 11th. There will be free entertainment and refreshments.
Councilor Silva, District 1:
· He expressed concerns about negative political campaigning in Las Cruces and advocated that the City should require volunteer street campaign workers to wear name tags so they can be identified. I believe this could become a freedom of speech issue.
Terrence Moore
Terrence Moore, City Manager:
· He announced the City Council Chambers will be closed until after the Labor Day Holiday so that the contractors can install the sound attenuation panels.


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