Border War Spillover - Natalicio: Campus not target

From the El Paso Times - UTEP police believe a stray bullet from Saturday's shootout in Juárez may have hit a campus building, and El Paso police are investigating a report that a stray bullet from the incident struck a vehicle in El Paso. A single bullet struck Bell Hall on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso sometime Saturday night, UTEP President Diana Natalicio said. UTEP police believe the bullet may be related to to the shootout in Juárez. A single bullet struck the south door of Bell Hall, going through a glass panel in the door. The bullet was found embedded in an office doorframe. No one was injured. "This appears to be the only stray bullet to have struck the campus, and there is no evidence to suggest that UTEP was specifically targeted," Natalicio said in a statement. Read more here:


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