Armstrong Williams - Who are "THEY"

Armstrong Williams
It’s hot outside. Too hot for a summer stroll or any sort of outdoor activity. So last Sunday morning, I settled in for some riveting Washington talk show action. Aside from the usual histrionics surrounding the Sherrod racial episode and the “necessary dialogues” on race the mainstream media feels compelled to hold every other month just so it can sleep well at nights, the latest argument to follow in Washington is what to do over the expiring Bush tax cuts. Specifically, in a matter of months, the tax rate cuts President Bush and the Republican-led Congress pushed through in 2001 are set to expire, returning the top bracket to its 39.6% rate up from today’s 35%. That's right, at a time when our economy is as fragile as ever, this administration is pondering tax increases. As if the race baiting by the White House weren't enough, it's now in full-throated class warfare, pitting this faceless rich no one seems to know, against the poor, who seem to be on every corner in President Obama's mind. Read more here:


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