Mexico's Presidents Are Considering Legalizing Drugs. Will the U.S. Join the Debate?

From the Huffington Post - by Daniel Sobelo - The question of whether legalizing drugs would help reduce the killings in Mexico has made front page news this week and is causing unprecedented debate around the world.Last week, former Mexican President Vicente Fox (left) called on his country "to legalize the production, distribution and sale of drugs" as the best way to weaken the drug cartels.Acknowledging that "radical prohibition strategies have never worked," Fox's recommendation echoes another former president of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo, as well as past presidents of Colombia and Brazil, who last year issued a ringing condemnation of the failed war on drugs, in favor of alternatives that include the removal of legal penalties for marijuana possession.This latest endorsement of legalization also comes on the heels of current Mexican President Felipe Calderon's own announcement that, while he opposes legalization, he nevertheless supports an open debate about ending prohibition -- the root cause of the violence in Mexico that has now claimed over 28,000 lives. Sadly, however, legalization is not even part of the policy dialogue in D.C. In fact, the U.S. drug czar has repeatedly said it's not even part of his or President Obama's "vocabulary." Read more


Anonymous said...

Legalizing drugs so that we take away ONE avenue of revenue generation for criminals is a kin to lowering education standards so that students perform better, even though it's bad for them. What's next? Legalize human trafficking, prostitution, organized gambling and other black market items in demand? Living near our Southern border has become much like living in a third world country with no security, except this is the U.S.

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