Daniel Webster, GOP House Candidate, Proposes Budget That Would Cut Social Security Benefits

From the Huffington Post - A Republican House candidate in Florida wants senior citizens to share the burden of reducing the national budget deficit through cuts to Social Security benefits. "My number one priority would be to cut spending, turn off the spigot. We can do that, and the way we would do that is to roll back the budget to 2007," said Daniel Webster during a Tea Party forum for Republican candidates Read more


Anonymous said...

Instead of punishing those who contributed monies to the program, THAT congresscritter needs to learn which expenditures are and are not Constitutional. First, every penny sent "home" from the federal to states, cities, towns, and individuals is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The Constitution FOR the United States, I emphasize FOR because most people are ignorant and call it the Constitution of the United States, restricts Congressional expenditures to exactly three (3) things that are "national" (bad word for something that is not a nation) in character. The federal government cannot constitutionally spend for local roads, streets, block grants, home loans, student loans, business grants, foreign aid, welfare, and about 99.99999% of what they current spend money on. If the government would only act 1) responsibly and 2) Constitutionally there would be no budget crisis and no debt that threatens to destroy the Union. Why don't they? Because EVERYONE of them wants power and spending money to buy votes transfers power to them.

Why has this happened? Greed. Greed for power among the elected. Greed for "stuff" among the people. The people lack honor and integrity. If they had any the people would refuse to accept any of the stolen money and would ALWAYS vote against those who offer it. But that will not happen because of greed. If you feel I'm pointing a finger at you, that's because I am.

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