Wilderness Bill - Bring Violence Closer to Home?

Mexican Grey Wolf
The controversial "Wilderness Bill" being pushed by New Mexico Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall may well have the unintended consequence of providing a needed assist for drug cartels to expand the area they keep under threat of terror and violence. U.S. Senate Bill S.1689 -- Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Wilderness Act will make it illegal for U.S. Border Patrol officers and other law enforcement officials to perform routine patrols areas in Southern Dona Ana County. In the meantime, over the weekend the total of body count of people murdered in Juarez soared to more than 40.
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On Sunday there were mass murders at two separate locations. According to the El Paso Times at around 1:00 AM Sunday, several gunmen crashed a party and fired more than 70 rounds. When the shooting finally stopped five people were dead and several others were wounded at a home in the Infonavit Solidaridad neighborhood according to Chihuahua state police. Later, armed men fired at a second gathering on Sunday afternoon.  There were multiple victims again but a precise count of fatalities is still unknown.
Is it time to re-think how "pristine" Southern Dona Ana County will become if we citizens stand by and allow our naive elected officials pass laws the effectively create a safe haven for drug and human smugglers on the border? You need to decide. Contact information for elected officials in on the home page of the News New Mexico site.



Anonymous said...

Want to see some results of wilderness?


It's not a pretty sight. Don't watch before breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Where did the $60K come from that the environmentalists are using to pitch their views? How about some transparency? Maybe they don't care if the donors are Mexican drug lords.

Anonymous said...

The $60K is a drop in the bucket compared to the $1.1 million that NMWA had for 2008. You gotta wonder why so many bucks go toward trying to get wilderness. And what happens to NMWA if they do get wilderness? Do they go out of business?

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