NM Delegation to D.C. - In Denial About Border War

Armed Drug Cartel Members
From the Tucson Citizen - The degree of drug cartel violence that is destroying civil society in Mexico is a serious threat to the Mexican people, the Mexican government and the United States. Just out of curiosity I looked up the list of what are considered “terrorist organizations” and much to my surprise, the Mexican drug cartel gangs are not listed. Wait a minute !
People armed with automatic weapons that massacre people daily, assassinate journalists, post threats on bridges of police officers they will kill, that leave piles of heads of the police officers they kill on the side of the road, and use vast quantities of money gained from selling illegal drugs to corrupt the Mexican society sounds like…terrorists? The drug gangs in Mexico are terrorist organizations. They are doing to Mexico what the Taliban did to Afghanistan. The only difference is the Taliban claim some twisted religious justification for their murder and mayhem, while the drug gangs are in it just for the money and power. Read more here:



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