Polls, Polls, and more Polls

Jon Barela
From NMPolitics.net - A new poll of likely voters in state House District 30 shows that an area of Albuquerque that went to George Bush in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008 is leaning back to the right this year. The poll, conducted for the campaign of Republican state House candidate Nate Gentry, shows Gentry leading Democratic incumbent Karen Giannini by nine points, 44 percent to 35 percent, with 20 percent of voters undecided. And in the gubernatorial race, it shows Republican Susana Martinez leading Democrat Diane Denish by 17 points, 55 percent to 38 percent. The poll is important because House District 30 is a historically right-leaning district that went to Obama in 2008 – a year in which Democrats also took control of every seat in the state’s congressional delegation. The poll adds to the evidence of a shift back to the right in the Albuquerque area that was also seen in a recent survey of the 1st Congressional District race between Democratic incumbent Martin Heinrich and Republican challenger Jon Barela. Read more here:



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