Gubernatorial Debate Audio Available

The audio of the New Mexico gubernatorial debate from Sunday night is available on the KUNM website. Listeners may be disappointed to find there was very little in the way of real substance that came from the often caustic exchanges between the two candidates. And it has been clear from the tone of this campaign, almost from the outset, that the Diane Denish campaign strategy has been to use her huge cash war chest to attack the Martinez record as prosecutor. Martinez has hit Denish and hit her hard. And she has done a decent job of raising money to counter the early Denish financial edge. Perhaps the campaign is fairly typical of what voters expect and receive from most candidates. We highly recommend that voters visit the website of both candidates and explore their position pages. However, if you are interested in the posturing and perceptions of style that emerged Sunday night, you can click here to listen to the exchanges in the debate:




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