Off Duty Officers Murdered on Americas Bridge

From the El Paso Times - Mexican federal police officials confirmed Wednesday that the three men killed near the Bridge of the Americas were off-duty federal police. They were reportedly waiting for someone to arrive from El Paso. The men killed Tuesday at the foot of the bridge in Juárez were Inocencio Golpe Acusca, Marco Antonio Beli Mendez, and Gustavo Hidalgo San Juan. "It is part of the reactions we have seen from criminal groups because of arrests," said federal police spokesman José Ramon Salinas. "It is a way to counteract and intimidate our federal police corps." The three men were riding in a black 2000 Ford Taurus near the Mexican customs building. The shooting prompted U.S. and Mexican authorities to stop cross-border traffic on the bridge for 20 minutes. At least 115 police officers or investigators have been killed in Juárez this year -- including 32 federal police -- according to The Associated Press. Read here:


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Obama, Bingaman, Steinborn and all the other politicians are telling us it is safe and getting safer all the time.

If dead men could speak, I bet they would question the integrity of the statements by our esteemed politicians.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama is waiting till we have a few "Man Made Disasters" in America before he publicly recognizes there's a war taking place just across the river.

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