APS Votes To Not Ask Students Their Immigration Status

From KOAT-TV.com - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Albuquerque Public Schools board members voted Tuesday to make it official policy that schools will teach all students, no matter what their immigration status is. The informal policy has been to not ask students if they are in the country illegally, but now board members have said that they would like the practice to be official policy. APS board member David Peercy said that they are now following federal guidelines. "These are kids. These are students. These are children. It's really important for us to protect the children that are in our country. Some of them have been born here and their parents may be illegal," he said. Read more


Anonymous said...

The same policy has practically bankrupted the Dallas Independent School District. I hope Martinez will weigh in on this. I'll be damned if our tax dollars should go to educate the children of people who are here illegally. Those who think this is a selfish motive should create the "New Mexican's Educational Guilt Relief Fund" and make donations according to their personal level of guilt. I guess this means I won't be making any donations.

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