Is the “Orange Barrel Capital” back?

From - ALBUQUERQUE - by Jeff Todd - “It’s a nightmare,” Joe Lerma said as he was waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. “I live on the West Side, and it’s terrible over there," added Louise Cordova. "Every other corner up there off Unser and I-40, there are barrels all up in there." No matter which quadrant of Albuquerque you visit, there’s at least one major road construction project going on. But while drivers are learning to cope with the orange barrels, the city is saying all the construction is a good thing. “We're going after, aggressively, all the capital money that we have that the voters have entrusted us with," said Michael Riordan, the acting director of municipal development for the city of Albuquerque. "When the mayor started his administration, he challenged me, he challenged my department to get as much work as he could. "It takes some time to develop those projects now we're meeting the fruition of that." Almost all of the projects are being paid for by general obligation bonds, and the city says the massive amount of projects underway right now is a good thing for the community. "In about a year from now, when the projects are complete, year to 18 months, the public is going to get the benefit of the new infrastructure, and in the meantime the construction industry is getting the benefits of the jobs," Riordan said. Read more


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