Atrocities at Shopping Centers

How long would it take? Ten minutes? One hour? One day? In the wake of the shopping center atrocities in Tucson yesterday, one thing was as sure as night following day. Citizens will be seeing a tug of war develop in the U.S. media and in the political arena. We prepare now for a shift in focus. It will come as a result of efforts made by some to gain political advantage in the policy arena as result of an atrocity. The hopes of those who will no doubt use the horrible events at the Tucson shopping center will be that America once again commit the folly of treating symptoms.
Sadly, an ongoing disaster for our neighbors to the south will continue to go completely under-reported in the U.S. While Americans understandably recoiled in horror at the news from Tucson yesterday, another shopping center atrocity went unnoticed. In Mexico, a country where the law of the land embraces gun control, fifteen decapitated bodies were unceremoniously dumped at a shopping center in Acapulco. In fact, there were twenty-seven murders in the Acapulco area in the last seventy-two hours.
Rest assured that at this point authorities in Mexico still do not know whether the sharp objects used to decapitate the bodies were the murder weapons or the mutilation weapons. With untold thousands of murders in Mexico in 2010, most of them gun killings, law enforcement there has better things to worry about than hoping lawyers get more precise language into the statutes on the books that already ban guns. You can read about the shopping center atrocities in Mexico here:



Anonymous said...

Not only can you expect more foolish talk about creating more gun laws but I suspect they'll also demonize the Tea Party. Evidently, the perpetrator of this horrific crime was alleged to have been a Tea party sympathizer.

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