The Sustainable Development Hoax

Pulaski note:  Agenda 21 is directly linked to "Sustainable Development"  From "Sustainable Development" (SD) is basically a slogan without a specific meaning.  Linked to Earth Day (April 22), it masquerades as a call for clean air, green energy, and suggests a pristine bucolic existence for us and our progeny -- forever.  But in reality,  it has become immensely useful to many groups who use the slogan to advance their own special agenda, whatever they may be.  For Earth Day 2011, the National Association of Scholars, composed mostly of Conservative-leaning academics,  released a Statement that critiques the campus sustainability movement.   NAS president Peter Wood said:  "Sustainability" is one of the key words of our time.  We are six years along in the United Nations' "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development." In the United States, 677 colleges and universities presidents have committed themselves to a sustainability-themed "Climate Commitment."  Sustainability is, by a large measure, the most popular social movement today in American higher education.  It is, of course, not just a campus movement, but also a ubiquitous presence in the K-12 curriculum, and a staple of community groups, political platforms, appeals to consumers, and corporate policy.  More News New Mexico



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