Balderas and Heinrich Nice.....For Now

Martin Heinrich
Capitol Report New Mexico - In their first public appearance together since announcing their runs for Jeff Bingman’s seat in the US Senate, Martin Heinrich and Hector Balderas played nice. Very nice.
Hector Balderas
There were no sharp elbows thrown as the two candidates delivered speeches at the Democrats’ statewide convention in Albuquerque on Saturday (April 30). In fact, state auditor Balderas was effusive in his praise of Heinrich, who is stepping down from his seat in the US House of Representatives to make a run for the Senate. “I look forward to a classy debate with our great Congressman, Martin Heinrich,” Balderas told delegates at the convention. He then asked the crowd to give Heinrich a warm round of applause. Just before Balderas took the podium, Heinrich gave his own 15-minute speech in which he said, “I’m sure we’ll have a respectful primary.” Read full story here: News New Mexico



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