Fertility study targets region's wild horses

From The Farmington Daily Times.com - By Ryan Boetel - A five-year study is under way aimed at increasing the length of time birth-control drugs work in horses. Officials say boosting the drugs' lasting power will save money and put less stress on the horses because they won't have to be rounded up and given infertility drugs as often. The Bureau of Land Management and the United States Geological Survey announced last week the start of a wild horse fertility control study at a BLM short-term holding facility in Pauls Valley, Okla. About 90 mares from wild horse herds in several states will be given a new version of the birth control drug PZP, which is administered to wild horse herds throughout the west, according to BLM spokesman Paul McGuire. The drug currently lasts about two years. Wild horses throughout the west, including about 330 wild horses in northwest New Mexico, are in danger because of overpopulation. Read more


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