Amazing: Obama Budget Fails in Senate 97 - 0

NewsNM note (Spence) We received another form letter via email from Senator Tom Udall this morning. He went to great lengths to explain why he did NOT vote for Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity." Though the Ryan budget proposal did get 40 votes in the Senate, there were 57 votes against it. Senator Udall did not offer any explanations on his vote or the final vote count on Presdient Obama's budget which was defeated 97-0.
Politico - The budget proposal released by the White House back in February didn’t win a single vote in the Senate on Wednesday— the final tally was 0-97. Senate Republicans pushed for the vote as a counterpoint to the defeat of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan. POLITICO’s David Rogers reports: “The vote on the president’s plan turned into a rout, with neither Republicans nor Democrats voting in favor of taking it up. At one level, the 97-0 vote showed how out-of-date the February requests can seem after so much has changed in the spending debate already this year. But for Democrats, it also proved a convenient way to mask their substantial internal differences over how to proceed” on addressing the government’s fiscal problems. Read full story here: News New Mexico



Anonymous said...

Senator Udall has a video explaining why he voted the way he did on his website. It was released 24 hours after the vote.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the video and it's more of the same lame bunk. What's Udall's plan? A tax increase is a non-starter and would only help to shove us deeper back into the recession. As it is now, we're headed South and not North in this alleged recovery. Perhaps Udall should continue to blame Bush. That's the ticket. At what point will these guys take ownership of this miserable economy and botched energy policy? Instead we get nonsense drivel and statements which equate to nothing in the way of a clue how to fix the issues that face us. No wonder his buddy, Bingamin is quitting. Thank God he's gone. Perhaps we now have a chance to mitigate some of the damage their foolish ideology inflicts upon us.

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