Some Arizonans Blame Illegals for Some Fires

Wilcox Range News - As of Tuesday, the five-week-old Horseshoe Two fire has burned 171,333 acres; 23 structures have been destroyed and the fire is burning within the Chiricahua National Monument, where structure protection is also taking place. So far, the cost of the fire has reached $38,433,369. The new Coronado Memorial Fire in the Huachucas, has quickly burned more than 3,000 acres since Sunday, and caused evacuation of several areas including Coronado Memorial Road and Ash Canyon south of Highway 92. Did a band of illegal immigrants start the Horseshoe Two fire in the Chiricahua Mountains and the Coronado Memorial Fire in the Huachucas? Ranchers in the Portal area believe it so, including Toni Arena, who operates a ranch with her husband. In an Bisbee Daily Review interview Monday, Arena said that on May 7, the day before the fire that has now claimed nearly 150,000 acres of public and private land was started by illegal immigrants who had been chased into the canyon by Border Patrol agents. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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