Private security company to search border-crossers vehicles for hire

NewsNM Swickard - how bad is it on the border? People are hiring a private firm to make sure no one put drugs in their car. From the El Paso Times - A security company employee and a drug-sniffing dog check maquiladora tractor-trailers on the Mexican side of the border. Tourists and regular border commuters have approached the company to check their vehicles for possible drugs before they enter the U.S. Motorists don't want to undergo the ordeal of Ana Isela Martínez of Juárez, a teacher at an El Paso private school who spent a month and a half in prison after drug smugglers planted two bags of marijuana in her car. In January, El Paso resident Dr. Justus Opot and co-worker Marisol Perez were also detained in Juárez after drugs that didn't belong to them were found in Perez's vehicle. Read more


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