Enivronmentalists Gather in Santa Fe to Criticize Industries

KOB - TV - A national advocacy group challenged Gov. Susana Martinez’s record on New Mexico environmental issues in a report released Tuesday. In a press conference at the Roundhouse, Food & Water Watch was joined by local groups Conservation Voters New Mexico and the New Mexico Federation of Labor in criticizing Martinez for what it called her practice of giving “special privilege to industries like oil and gas, industrialized dairy, homebuilders and mining at the expense of environmental protection and the local economy.” Read full story here: News New Mexico


Anonymous said...

After many decades, I've discovered that the most igorant folks on the planet are often "environmentalists". They know nothing and understand nothing about the world. They never go back and find out if what they believe is factual. In fact, most "environmentalists" simply make up facts to fit their ideas. Check out Algore for a fine example.

Have corporations and businesses polluted? Yes. Was it in their best interest to do so? Not likely. Was it because of a lack of knowledge concerning the pollution? Quite often.

Even Love Canal turned out to be a lie. Check out John Stossel's "Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death" ABC special from the mid-90s.

It is because of the unbridled ignorance of these so-called "environmentalists" that we lose jobs, cannot produce much of what is needed or wanted IN COUNTRY, and have lost many of our freedoms. These people actaully believe the planet doesn't change on its own. They believe humans are in control.

The Earth is not static. It is one of the most dynamic systems in the universe. Nothing has ever stood still and never will.

Pristine NM: Throughout the LC area, we breathe dust that contains asbestos from natural deposits in the surrounding mountains. In Grants/Gallup there is uranium. In the organ mountains, there are deposits of lead and other metals. There are fluorides, nitrates, thallium, and many other naturally occurring chemicals in our waters.

I truly feel sorry for these "environmentalists". They go through life afraid of everything.

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