The media shouldn’t decide who gets to be president

From NM - by Heath Haussamen - Though he has a strong résumé, ideas about how to fix America, and a penchant for being brutally honest, Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign is dead simply because the mainstream media decided he couldn’t win The mainstream media’s successful efforts to shut down the presidential campaign of former N.M. Gov. Gary Johnson are outrageous. I’ve been angry for months about the media’s subjective judging of who is and who isn’t a serious presidential candidate and how it has destroyed the hopes of a candidate who should have been credible. It’s not because I have a high opinion of Johnson or want him to be president. It’s because I believe voters should get to decide whether to take Johnson seriously. Instead, the media has made that decision for them. Read more


Anonymous said...

No the Electoral College should just the like Constitution requires. Not We the People. Not the Congress. JUST those intelligent people selected to act by choosing the person THEY know is best suited for the Presidency. Gosh, Golly, Gee wiz, ya mean the People have no place voting for President. Yep. The Framers recognized that the People were too STUPID to choose a president and did their best to keep the People out of it. Then the parties came along and screwed everything up.

And the People still go along thinking they have some say in who becomes President.

Ignorant people should not be allowed to vote.

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