Judge Rules in Favor of GOP in Redistricting Conversations

Brian Sanderoff
From capitolreportnewmexico.com -Judge Hall ruled late Tuesday in favor of the Republicans’ request, saying that the conversations and communication between Sanderoff and Democrats is not privileged information. From AP:A state district court judge is allowing lawyers for Gov. Susana Martinez and  other Republicans to obtain email, notes and other correspondence between lawmakers and a demographer hired by the Legislature to help with redistricting.… Hall ruled there was no privilege of confidentiality because the legislative leaders are using Sanderoff as an expert witness to testify in redistricting trials, which get under way next week. When Hall was announced as the redistricting judge, a number of Republicans told me they were happy because although Hall ran as Democrat when he served on the bench, he had a reputation for being very even-handed.  More News New Mexico


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