Commentary: Voter photo ID sounds like a fantastic idea, but it’s not

NewsNM: Swickard - Regardless of how it is done, can we agree that society needs to know the true identity of those who vote? If so, then we are just discussing the procedures for assuring ourselves of the identity of those who vote. In banking that assurance takes the form of a photo ID. Perhaps it does not in voting. Could we have everyone scan their thumb print for an absolute identity of the voter, not as a criterion to vote but as an ex post facto record of who really voted? Or, should we just let whoever comes to the polls say whatever name they want to say and be glad someone, anyone in this society, votes? From NM - By - Many people believe it’s a no-brainer that voters should be required to show a photo ID at the polls. They think any decent, law-abiding member of society carries a photo ID with them wherever they go. I carry one with me. I’m sure you do, too. Why shouldn’t everyone else do as we do? To be honest, before I got involved in voting-rights work, I felt the same way, but I’ve since drastically changed my view. I now realize such proposals are basically 21st-Century descendants of poll taxes or literacy tests, concepts that I’m sure sounded perfectly reasonable in their time. We now realize these obstacles to voting were implemented purely to prevent qualified voters from the most vulnerable segments of our society from casting a ballot. Read commentary


Anonymous said...

We cannot allow illegal aliens to cast votes and risk the outcome of elections being influenced by persons who are not citizens of New Mexico or the United States. How much more clear can we, the voters, be on this issue? Who doesn't get that? Did illegal aliens vote in our last election? If the answer is, "yes", then changes are mandatory! That can't happen! When so much as ONE illegal alien or unqualified voter casts a vote in our elections ALL OF US become disenfranchised, PERIOD! We need to force those politicians who don't understand this concept to go on the record so we can identify who they are and have them voted out of office. MY GOD, what is the problem with identifying voters? You can't buy a bottle of wine without an ID but if you're an illegal alien and you want to influence public policies in New Mexico you can go to the polls and cast a vote? Would someone PLEASE tell us why this should be allowed to happen?

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