GOP Angered Over Senator Cravens Replacement Claiming She is NOT Political and "Independent"

Lisa Curtis
New Mexico’s Republican Party is still steamed over the decision by Democrats to appoint Albuquerque trial lawyer Lisa Curtis to the Senate seat vacated by Senator Kent Cravens. They are accusing her of already trying to spin her way to re-election before being confirmed for her appointed position. Curtis, the President of the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association, is claiming to be an independent who will put the needs of her district first. You can read the full article here: News New Mexico The GOP says Curtis words in an interview attempt to have her come across as moderate and non-partisan while previous public statements have been a clear indication that she is on the extreme left wing of the Democrat Party. At a Bernalillo County Commission meeting, Curtis stated:
• She supports continuing to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.
• She supports the policy of social promotion where children are passed from one grade to the next, even when they haven't mastered the basics.
• She opposes requiring voters to show a photo ID in order to vote.
“If Ms Curtis is sincere about wanting to represent the views of her district, she will reverse her positions on these and other issues. Ms. Curtis might be a skilled trial lawyer, but her rhetoric won't be able to hide the fact that she is out-of-touch with everyday New Mexicans,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Executive Director Bryan Watkins.



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