Bill on Repeal of Driver's License Law Passes House

Our listener and reader feedback on the House Bill # 103 vote was huge. Most people wanted to know how their representatives voted on the bill that will shut down crime rings operating in the state that are taking advantage of the most lax driver's license issuance rules in the nation.
Poll after poll has shown that New Mexicans are overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of issuing driver's licenses to foreign nationals who are here illegally. You can click here to see the final vote. No House Republican voted against repealing the existing law and several Democrats joined the majority. Below is a list of all house members who declined to support the repeal of the driver's license issuance law:
Miguel Garcia, Antonio Lujan, Tomas Garcia, Ben Lujan, Edward Sandoval, Richard Gonzales, Roger Madalena, Sheryl Stapleton, Moe Maestas, Mimi Stewart, Joanie Gutierrez, Richard Martinez, Gail Chasey, Ken Martinez, Mary Helen Garcia, Eleanor Chavez, Rick Miera, Jim Trujillo, Ernest Chavez, Bill O'Neill, Lucky Varela, Richard Vigil, Danice Picraux, and Brian Egolf.



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