Commentary on the Swickard's Less than Sweet Smell of Sewage column

Commentary by Tom Austin, resident of Dona Ana County - Michael Swickard had it spot on. (his colunm here) He started the article like this; Here’s an easy question, “ Will everyone who wants to live next door to a sewage treatment plant, raise your hand?” How many of those voting on the P&Z would raise their hand? Would they be voting for approval of this plant if it were in their backyard? We all know the answer to that question. Most of us are all familiar with the proverbial saying, not in my backyard or NIMBY. When we hear that phrase, we usually think of something as in our region or relatively close proximity. But in this case it is literally in our backyard, as in right out our back door. In the case of my neighbor, Joe and Annie Franco, it is about 50’ from their backdoor to the proposed sewage plant property line. Joe and Annie have owned that property for years. They have invested their lives and resources on their property. They built their house, planted a pecan orchard, and perhaps, like many of us, have at times struggled to keep the payments current on the property. All these years, like us when asked where we live, they would reply in the north valley by the river. If this plant is built, now our response will forever be, by the Hope Rd sewer plant! Who among those reading this letter would like to live there? Our property values will plummet. And since this plant will require heavy truck traffic, lights on all night, noise from the constant drone of the motors and the odors that will inevitably emanate from the plant, our quality of life will be destroyed. Who among you would not stand with us if this were your backyard? Read commentary


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