Las Cruces looks at red-light fee collection again

AHD Note: A Missouri high court recently ruled that a similar program is unconstitutional as it disregards a motorists right to due process, read about it here. Las Cruces Sun-NewsThe Las Cruces City Council again is considering how to collect unpaid fees from red-light camera violations. The council will meet in a work session on Monday to review the history of the red-light program, violation statistics and fine collecting practices. Mayor Ken Miyagishima tells the Las Cruces Sun-News ( that he's looking for some flexibility for dealing with offenders, rather than shutting off someone's utilities as a penalty. Earlier this year, the city sent letters to violators with 10 or more citations warning them to either pay up for face having their utilities disconnected. While there were no shut-offs as a result, city officials were publicly scolded and backed off after hearing arguments that such an action could hurt innocent family members, including children, especially during hot months. Read More News New Mexico



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