EPA Leaves PNM Options Open for Discussion

Albuquerque Journal - The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed approving virtually all of the state’s plan for addressing regional haze, with a glaring exception: the state’s proposal for retrofitting the San Juan Generating Station to cut pollutants. But the federal agency appears to have left room for more discussion of alternatives to what it determined in a ruling last year to be the most cost-effective and expensive technology at the plant for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, selective catalytic reduction.
The state proposed a less-costly alternative. In a proposed rule issued last week, EPA would approve most elements proposed by the state for improving visibility in national parks and wilderness areas. However, it said it would propose a future, separate action on San Juan “unless the state … earlier withdraws it in favor of an alternative that it may develop through discussions with the source and EPA.” Read full story here (subscription required) News New Mexico



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