KOB Reporters Uncover Campaign Workers Offering Whiskey for Votes in Rio Arriba County

KOB TV - Alcohol and voting do not mix, but that didn’t stop campaign workers in Rio Arriba from offering people miniature bottles of whiskey while giving them rides to an early voting center.
On the first day of early voting, 4 On Your Side watched some campaign workers and voters taking what looked like small bottles of alcohol from a cooler in the back of a truck used to shuttle voters to the polls.
To get closer, 4OYS reporter Gadi Schwartz and producer Peter St. Cyr disguised themselves as homeless people and spent two days walking up and down the streets, standing on corners, and even hanging out at an empty lot known to attract drug addicts and transients.
Eventually, a black Tahoe slowly approached St. Cyr. County employee Elias Fresquez, who is on leave from his job, offered him a ride to go early vote. St. Cyr climbed in the Tahoe, turned on a hidden camera, and got into the truck. Inside, St. Cyr was told he should vote for County Commissioner Alfredo Montoya who is running for State Senate against incumbent Sen. Richard Martinez. Read rest of story and see video here: News New Mexico


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