NewsNM Exclusive: ballots not correct in Otero County

Copyright 2012 Michael Swickard - What if the right names of candidates are not on your ballot? Are you sure Michael that such a thing could happen? Yes, I am. That question was answered Tuesday in Otero County. With the recent redistricting most voters did not notice. Actually, almost all did not notice. A sharp-eyed voter, though, knew where the candidate on her ballot lived and knew this name should not be on her ballot. It was a state representative. This listener of News New Mexico called me and said that the Otero County Commission heard today, Wednesday June 6, that some of the ballots did not print correctly. She assured me that the Otero County Clerk is aware of the problem. Question: what do we do now? Should Otero County residents get another chance to vote? Did it change any races? What about other New Mexico counties, has anyone confirmed that the ballots were all correct. If it can happen in Otero County it could have happened in any New Mexico county. Let us hope these problems can be ironed out before the general election. Stay tuned.



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