Progressive Magazine's Take on Wisconsin

Progressive - A BRUTAL NIGHT IN WISCONSIN - Tuesday night was a brutal, brutal night for progressives in Wisconsin. I was stuck in a local TV studio watching the dismal returns roll in, and it felt like someone was kicking me in the teeth over and over again.
Scott Walker
After a historic uprising in February and March of 2011, after months and months of organizing for this recall, when all is said and done, Scott Walker remains governor of Wisconsin. He even won by a bigger margin this time than last. In 2010, he beat Tom Barrett 52-47 percent, with a 125,000-vote surplus. This time, he beat Barrett 53-46, with a 173,000-vote surplus. Walker got 202,000 more votes than last time; Barrett got 154,000 more than last time, but it wasn’t enough. Not nearly.
Here are some of the reasons why Walker won. Read rest of column here: News New Mexico


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