Sen. Bingaman’s wilderness bill makes the border safer

An interesting Column by Nick Voges in NM But what Tom Cooper said is not refuted in the second statement by Richard Cordero "... if there is any danger or pursuit..." What about routine patrols? - MS

Nick Voges - It has been annoying to watch the preservation of the most diverse and beautiful land in Dona Ana County be hijacked by the canard that our safety and the security along our border with Mexico will be threatened, especial since passage of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Wilderness Act would make our borders safer... From rancher Tom Cooper’s recent op-ed in the Las Cruces Sun-News: “Border Patrol and all law enforcement would be denied access for routine patrol in all of the wilderness areas, a primary factor causing the literally out-of-control conditions in Arizona.” Cooper’s assertion is troubling – and blatantly incorrect. As reported in the Las Cruces Sun-News, Border Patrol will have complete – and enhanced – access to patrol the border within the proposed wilderness areas. To that end, here’s what Border Patrol spokesman Richard Cordero had to say about law enforcement’s access to wilderness: “We’re still allowed to patrol anywhere… if there’s any danger or pursuit, we’re not going to stop. There’s no truth that we cannot go in.” Unless we are doubting the credibility and integrity of Cordero, and the Border Patrol on whose behalf he speaks, it would seem Mr. Cooper doesn’t have his facts straight. Read more
Nick Voges authors the blog Zeitgeist. He also works for a progressive consulting firm in Southern New Mexico and teaches rhetoric at New Mexico State University.


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