16th of September Celebration is CANCELLED in Juarez

From the El Paso Times - For the first time since the Mexican Revolution, Juárez city government has canceled the festivities of one of Mexico's most patriotic holidays. "First comes the safety of the population," said Juárez Mayor José Reyes Ferriz. "Because of threats, because of criminal activities that exist in Juárez, we don't want to take any risks." On the eve of Sept. 16, mayors in Mexico lead crowds at city hall esplanades in the traditional ceremony of grito de independencia, or call to independence. ÁViva México! were the words shouted the same day by Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in 1810, when he launched the rebellion against the Spanish crown.
José Reyes Ferriz
The Independence party is a deep-rooted tradition in every Mexican town and city. It is mostly attended by Mexico's working class. It was the same class who witnessed the first cry for independence in 1810, when Hidalgo began the 11-year war to overthrow the Spaniards and put an end to Indian slavery. The Mexican Independence Day is, along with the Mexican Revolution, a symbol of cultural identity. Juárez has observed the patriotic holiday even before it gained its name in 1888. Read more here:



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