Herb Denish Lobbying Fees? A Private Matter

Herb Denish
From NMPolitics.net - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Diane Denish won’t reveal how much her husband, Herb Denish, has been paid as a lobbyist and consultant during her tenure as lieutenant governor. “Herb is a private citizen who owned his own business. Diane and Herb have always kept business and personal separate. He did not lobby the state,” Denish campaign spokesman Chris Cervini said. “Therefore, this is not a question of increased transparency, it’s a question of a private businessperson being able to expect a modicum of privacy.” Read more here:


D. Nix said...

It's NEVER a private issue when the husband of a candidate for governor is lobbying or conducting business with the state government for which his spouse is seeking office at the highest level. Can you imagine the response Denish would have if Martinez' husband was a lobbyist in New Mexico? Herb needs to do something else and Denish needs to come clean. There's hardly ANYTHING private about his lobbying efforts. Denish can't have it both ways by disclosing that her husband is a lobbyist and then say he doesn't actually lobby. Someone needs to drain the swamp here in New Mexico because this reeks of ethics violations and a clear conflict of interest within the Denish household.

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