Six Law Enforcement Officers Found Dead in Mexico

In Acapulco, Mexico, the bodies of six kidnapped police officers were found in a ravine in the Mexican State of Guerrero on this weekend. Mexican authority’s state that many of the bodies had been dismembered, a signature act of violence associated with local drug cartels. A warning note to the authorities was also left with the police officer’s bodies. This brings the death toll to eight in the current rash of drug cartel related kidnappings. A survivor was found at the popular beach resort, according to Fernando Monreal Leyva, Director of the State Police. The area once known for its beautiful beaches and posh resorts has now become a battleground for drug cartels fighting for territory. Two additional bodies were found on Saturday. The discovery of the two bodies accounts for all nine of the officers kidnapped after going to identify a body on the town of El Revelado, 165 miles south of Mexico City. Read more here:


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