Cradling Minnows and Kicking Family Values Part II

Rachel Pulaski
by Rachel Pulaski - See Cradling Minnows and Kicking Family Values Part I - It’s important to note Mr. Steinborn’s income. Jeff’s income comes from two sources, the Steinborn family trust fund and the Wilderness Alliance (proponent of the Wilderness Bill). Jeff has refused to disclose how much the Wilderness Alliance pays him and one can only assume his trust fund allowance is substantial. Needless to say Jeff does not understand what New Mexico families face everyday, struggling to put food on the table nor can he relate to the anxiety of possibly losing a home or being unemployed. Since Jeff does not have a wife or children to support, has anyone asked him what the average cost of feeding a family in New Mexico is or what the average cost of health insurance is for a family in this state? Does he even know the current unemployment numbers here in Dona Ana County? Whereas Dr. McMillan on the other hand has a wife, children, successful business/medical practice and a genuine desire to serve the people of Dona Ana County. Dr McMillan is a father who works for his paycheck, and his business success is determined by how well he performs at his job. McMillan can understand and sympathize with the everyday struggles facing New Mexico families.
Dr. Terry McMillan
Jeff Steinborn next calls out Dr. McMillan for campaign sign slogan. Click here to read the article that included an absurd attack. Here is an excerpt: “Jeff Steinborn, 37th District Democratic State Representative, derided his Republican opponent Dr. Terry McMillan for his “brazen” lack of regard for the environment and eco-diversity. “His own sign is a perfect example,” Steinborn said at a recent fundraiser. Armed with an online photo which he displayed on his telephone, the incumbent enlarged the screen to display the image of a four-foot by eight-foot sign for Terry McMillan, displayed on a local highway. A high-lighted caption claims, “People are more important than a minnow.” “It just shows so much disrespect for all of the various species that exist and are necessary to sustain eco-diversity, he charged.”
Jeff Steinborn
Is Mr. Steinborn implying that we as humans are less important than minnows? To accuse your opponent of having no regard for the environment or ecodiversity because one believes human life is more important than a minnow is ludicrous! I believe Jeff’s thinking is colored by his close association to the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance. This organization was founded by Dave Foreman, founder of Earth First! and has been described as an “eco-terrorist.” The organization’s name explains the logic, the earth comes first. It is now fair to say that Mr. Steinborn shares that thinking as well. Let us not forget one simple fact; the position of New Mexico State Representative is a non paying position. Jeff Steinborn has made it clear through his actions and alliances that his allegiance lies squarely with the NM Wilderness Alliance. The NM Wilderness Alliance’s purpose is to directly affect legislation that relates to land conservation; how convenient for them that they have a director who also “works” in the state legislature. Ask yourself, would your loyalty lie with your employer who pays you or with the other job you perform for free?




Anonymous said...

This article reflects so much stupidity and ignorance about Jeff, and in general. Bottom line is Terry Mcmillan, and yourself for that matter, are out of touch with struggling families. Terry M. wants to preserve tax cuts for those that make above 250k while he wants to cut social services, introduce co-pays for medicare, and sacrifice ecology for human pleasure and development. Jeff is the fighter for working families in this race, and for that matter, a fighter for veterans, the elderly, the kids and the disenfranchised. Mcmillan is a front for big business, rich people, and lobbyists. He's a republican who has little to offer voters other than hypocrisy. The issues are very clear Rachel and well see what the voters prioritize. On Nov 3 hopefully you will realize that you are a fringe thinker compared to the citizens of District 37, who appreciate the hard work Jeff puts in for their interests.

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