Mexico Ambassador:Our Cartel Leaders Are Businessmen, Not Terrorists

Arturo Sarukhan
From Dallas News -In a letter to the editor today, Mexico's ambassador, Arturo Sarukhan, comes to the defense of these mass murdering, torturing, dismembering, bombing, beheading, kidnapping and drug trafficking organizations, arguing that they are businessmen, not terrorists. Folks, we have a first here. You will not, until now, have seen any top Mexican official actually defending the cartels to this extent. But Sarukhan, taking issue with our editorial last week in defense of a bill before Congress to put Mexico's six biggest cartels on the State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, strongly disagrees. Yes, they are very violent criminal organizations, he says. But "they pursue a single goal. They want to maximize their profits and do what most business do: hostile takeovers and pursue mergers and acquisitions." Again, in their defense, he says they have "no political motivation or agenda whatsoever beyond their attempt to defend their illegal business." More News New Mexico


Anonymous said...

Are all Mexican officials truly this STUPID? I mean, we have Calderon telling us that Mexico prosecutes and deports ALL illegal aliens but we shouldn't and now this clown.

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