A Good Laugh at All Doomsday Preachers

News New Mexico note (Spence) - This is one of the best columns we have posted yet, and we have posted hundreds of good ones. We had to chuckle at the headline grabbing "end of the world prediction" last week. It was great comic relief for sure. Then along came columnist Dennis Prager with an absolutely a brilliant reminder of the faith-based, Global Warming-Climate Change predictors who are nothing more than end of the worlders that get a free pass because they support socialism. There's virtually no difference in their methods or their data. Enjoy!
Dennis Prager
Townhall - For years now, we have been told by the world's left-wing media that scientists are united in predicting that there will be worldwide catastrophe as a result of global warming caused by manmade carbon dioxide emissions. Oceans will rise so high that they will drown many of the world's great coastal cities; entire island-countries will disappear; vast areas of the world will dry up; and countries will fight one another for the little remaining fresh water. Compared to the global warming scenario, I'll face the Rapture -- and I'm not even Christian.
Of course, none of these global warming predictions has materialized. For example, in April of this year, Der Spiegel reported: "Six years ago, the United Nations issued a dramatic warning that the world would have to cope with 50 million climate refugees by 2010. But now that those migration flows have failed to materialize, the UN has distanced itself from the forecasts. On the contrary, populations are growing in the regions that had been identified as environmental danger zones." As a result of so many such false alarms, and because so many places have experienced record cold temperatures, global warming has been renamed "climate change." But global warming is only the most recent doomsday scenario offered by the left. Here is a small sample of some others: Read full column here: News New Mexico



Anonymous said...

What's most ironic about moronic environmentalists is that at the core of it the majority of them hide behind false science under the guise that they're motive is to minimize the unnecessary pain and suffering of their fellow man. The reality is that their selfish ideological agenda, driven by false science, often facilitates financial disasters that destroy families, businesses and virtually wipes out industries. A textbook example would be the financial disaster caused by environmentalist claims that the logging industry in Oregon and other parts of the nation was systematically killing off the Red Spotted Owl. What's next, lizards in New Mexico? How many times must we allow environmentalists, using false science, to expand poverty and economic ruin in America before we wake up? What's next, lizards in New Mexico? Seriously?

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