Dangerous Border Patrol Interdictions Continue

NewsNM - Agents from the Ajo and Casa Grande Stations in Arizona arrested nine individuals attempting to smuggle more than $200,000 of marijuana and seized a loaded assault rifle during two incidents over the holiday weekend. Late Friday evening, Ajo agents working on horseback in the remote Quijotoa Mountains arrested three adults and three juveniles from Sinaloa, Mexico, and seized eight bundles of marijuana weighing 400 pounds and worth approximately $200,000. The smugglers face federal prosecution for narcotics smuggling.
Monday, Casa Grande, Arizona agents using infrared detection technology spotted three suspected smugglers. Agents arrested the trio found to be transporting 25 pounds of marijuana, several 2-way radios, and one loaded AK-47 assault rifle. The narcotics, valued at $12,500, and equipment were seized. The Border Patrol uses a combination of proven technology, intelligence, and specialty units to target transnational criminal organizations.



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