Centennial Duck waddles in for 33rd annual duck race

From the Deming Headlight - New Mexico celebrates its 100th year as the 47th state of the Union and what better way to honor the state's 100th birthday than with a "Centennial Duck." The Great American Duck Race Committee has unveiled the logo for the 33rd edition of the "World's Richest Duck Race," designed by Deming High School Art Teacher Jesse Kriegel. This is the fourth year Kriegel has taken on the prestigious assignment." Centennial Duck" is featured on a replica of a New Mexico commemorative license plate. The duck is dressed in period attire from the turn of the 20th century - complete with walking cane, overcoat, spats and a moniker -and is carrying a state flag. Above the duck is the time span, "Centennial 1912-2012" and the spot for the registration sticker denotes the GADR's annual race number: "33rd." The Luna County Courthouse Park is transformed into McKinley Duck Downs, in memory of former GADR Artist Bill McKinley who designed most of the 33 logos. Read more



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