Repeat DWI Offenders Fatal for NM

KOAT - A new study shows nearly 60 percent of all fatal driving-while-intoxicated crashes are caused by repeat offenders -- a statistic the governor said should be a wake-up call to New Mexico. Gov. Susana Martinez said the numbers from the state's Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Bureau show a dramatic shift and that tougher laws need to be in place, as repeat drunk drivers are not getting the message and innocent lives are being lost.
In 2011, 154 people were killed by drunk drivers in New Mexico, according to the bureau's study. More than half of those drivers were repeat offenders. "We're asking for tougher penalties for DWI offenders and those who kill people because they're under the influence of alcohol or drugs," Martinez said.
So far, Martinez said, tougher laws, like longer prison terms for repeat offenders, aren't on the books. She'll appeal to the Legislature again next year. "People are always asking, 'What are those people doing out on the street?'" she said. "Exactly. This person should not be out on the street."
In 2006, 70 percent of DWI crashes were caused by first-time offenders and 30 percent by repeaters, according to the Traffic Safety Bureau. The bureau's recent study revealed a shift, which is also reflected at the Mothers Against Drunk Driving office in Albuquerque, where they've reported seeing more cases involving repeat drunk drivers. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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