Wilson says liberal group’s lobbyist claim is false

Heather Wilson
NMPoliticsThe left-leaning group ProgressNow New Mexico recently accused Republican U.S. Senate candidate Heather Wilson of serving as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. after she left the U.S. House in 2008. On its Wilson Watch website, the group has a section aimed at highlighting Wilson’s Washington ties. It states she was a lobbyist and, until Monday, linked to these documents showing that someone named Heather Wilson was a registered lobbyist for North Eastern Aeronautical in 2009 and 2010. Wilson’s campaign spokesman, Christopher Sanchez, said it’s not the same Heather Wilson. “Heather Wilson does not now, nor has she ever, had any employment, contract or affiliation of any kind with North Eastern Aeronautical,” Sanchez said. ProgressNow’s Pat Davis took the lobbying documents off the Wilson Watch website on Monday after being contacted by NMPolitics.net for comment, and said the organization will double check Wilson’s claim. Read More News New Mexico



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