Coyote Attacks in Santa Fe Raise Eyebrows

KOAT - A warning was issued to residents Sunday after recent coyote attacks. In the past month, coyotes have attacked two dogs at the Santa Fe ski basin. The fear now is that a hiker or even a child could be next. Coyotes are out year-round, but during the summer, attacks are more of a concern because residents, pets and children spend a lot more time outside.
Game and Fish officials want to educate everyone on how to avoid attacks. "Coyotes are canine. They will defend their territory. They don't see humans as prey or as a food source," New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Wildlife Division Chief Cal Baca said.
Coyotes will usually eat mice, rabbit and squirrels, but Game and Fish officials warned they will go after cats and dogs. While they usually aren't a danger to humans, they can be if they are sick.
"They may be infected with rabies or some other disease that could trigger a difference in how they act," said Baca.
Game and Fish officials said if someone encounters a coyote, there are tips to avoid an attack. "Make yourself look big (and) be very loud. If you see a coyote that tries to come into contact with you, yell at it (and) throw things at it," said Baca. Read full story here: News New Mexico


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